Controll Puttgarden 15.12.09 06.00 p.m.

There are still controls in Puttgarden.

All „big“ border-station near FL are controlled


All big border-stations from Flensburg are under police controll

# the A7 (after the exit number 3)
# the border-station to Padborg
# the border-station to Krusau
# the street to the autobahn in Harrislee

Use at last the exit number 3 and turn west. Use a map!

(it seems that there are no controll for people leaving denmark)

Controll Puttgarden 06.00 p.m.

There are still controls in Puttgarden.

Flensburg Borders 00:05 a.m.

There are still controls on the Highway (A7)
The borderpoints Krusau and Padborg are free to cross without control.
We advise you to leave the highway on exit number [3] and take the B200 direction north to krusau.

The Ferry in Puttgarden is still controlled on german side.

Border Flensburg 1 p.m.

Nearly the same situation as in the morning, still massive control at Krusaa, A7 motorway (south of Harrislee Ausfahrt/exit 2 as well as Auffahrt/ entry). The little bordercrossings west of Flensburg are free, but there are occasional spot-checks. At the ferry Putgarden/Roedby cars and buses are searched by the Bundesgrenzschutz/border-police, but very briefly. But a few alternative looking individuals seem to be checked more thoroughly.